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Who I Am

Shira earned an MSOM from Southwest Acupuncture College in New Mexico. She has been practicing acupuncture for over ten years. Shira's passion for women's health led her to specialize in reproductive health and complete an advanced fellowship through  ABORM (American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine). Now she is one of seven ABORM certified practitioners in AZ and seeks to help familys achieve thier health goals. Her clinical appoarch is evidence based, precise, and caring. She values spiritual health  and personal awareness as important components of the healing journey. All treatment protocols are aimed at reliefing the immediate symptoms and improve chronic conditions.


Shira is also a wife, mother, artist, and poet. She loves to cook healthy food,  spend time in nature with her husband and daughter, practice yoga, and watch or play soccer.

What I Do

I seek to help life thrive from young to old. My passion is to blend the ancient science of Chinese Medicine, modern research, and knowledge of Western Physiology to provide non-invasive effective and individualized protocols to patients. I specialize in helping women affected by infertility,  complex gynecology and hormonal issues. Additionally, I use my knowledge and experience to help those recovering from the devastation of sexual trauma and PTSD.

First treatments are 60-90 minutes, startig with a detailed review of symptoms and medical history. Then a relaxing treatment followed by a individualized treatment plan. All follow-up treatments are 45-60 minutes. I treat from my office in Arcadia and even make home visits,



Arcadia Women’s Wellness

4545 N. 36th Street #100 Phoenix, AZ 85018 Website

  • Mon: 6:30-8:30
  • Wed: 6:00-8:30
  • Fri: 12:00-2:30

  • This is a “semi-private” setting. Patients may want to bring earphones to listen to the relaxing music of their choice.

    IVF/FET Services

    I provide the Paulus Protocol at your Reproductive Endocrinology Clinic. Let your doctors office know you will be utilizing Acupuncture for your IVF or FET. I will meet there 1 hour before the scheduled transfer. Then I will perform a 25 minute treatment immediately before your transfer and a 25 minute treatment following your transfer.

    Home Visits

    Available to all patients. Best during late 3rd trimester, postpartum, or recovery from condition in which your pain is increased from travel.

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